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DIY 'Ratshot' Shells for CO2 Revolvers


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I suppose this isn't really an ongoing project, having finally finished the bunch of R&D that went into it, but maybe this can be of use to some of you.


Historically most CO2 airsoft revolvers shot way too hot for field use. This has been changing recently with the advent of 'low-power' versions, but as far as I'm concerned, if I'm going to carry a gun sufficiently finicky to require reloading individual shells, I'm going to make those shells as effective as possible.


So: Multi-BB 'ratshot' or shotgun shells for Wingun revolvers have been around a few years. Normally they're plastic 3D prints, expensive from stores like Shapeways, and come in bright plastic colors. I think that's all kind of lame, so I set about improving an earlier effort to build some proper brass shells that do the same job.


Here's a tutorial video on the end result- dirt-cheap shells (I've built 100 for about $50) that hold up to six BBs apiece and are compatible in most any gun that will accept Wingun shells.



And the result of an evening of assembling shells while playing videogames:



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