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IWA 2018 G&G SMLE, Improved BOLT recoil guns, VFC brushless AEG


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so, g&g had their SMLEs with them at IWA and i wanted to post about them because of the magazines. I noticed there was no IWA thread even though we had a member or 2 make it there. So, there was a few new things to add besides the G&G SMLEs that i feel deserve to be posted.


So, first off on the G&G SMLEs, they are being released in 2 models, a standard model with iron sights and a sniper model with a scope mount and a cheek rest. that sniper model is very cool. But the coolest part of them is the magazine. the magazine looks like a stack of 5 rifle rounds. I don't know if they are actually .303 cartridges, but its still cool. its a 9 round mag iirc, and is fed into the internal magazine as a unit. I dont know if its fed in through the top or if you have to remove the internal mag to place them in the rifle, especially the scoped model, but its still a very cool concept. so you can use 5 round clip pouches to hold extra mags. the magazine also locks the bolt open on the last round. the mag does look like it will be fed in from the top, but that may be a little awkward to wiggle it in and out under the scoped model, though there looks to be enough room. there's also a carbine kit for their newest pistol, which replaces the slide and barrel of the original pistol. so its like an upper swap that has a stock and longer inner barrel. pretty cool as a concept really, but id rather just have a separate whole pistol and whole carbine that uses the same mags. he only mentioned it as a kit, but who knows.



another interesting thing i saw was at the VFC booth. With brushless motors finally hitting the airsoft market, they are mostly very expensive for motors. But, VFC is offering a line of modular AEGs were you basically mix and match from your choice of 2 power plants, 3 front sets, and 3 stocks. The cool part being one of the power plants includes a brushless motor and control unit. he demonstrates it and its very fast, but needs shimming, lol.

best part, base price of the brushless power plant is $350. If only they offered Umarex a 416 A5 with the brushless power plant. but i guess its up to us to annoy Umarex until they order some from VFC in that configuration.

They also show off their new 1911, getting into the GBB pistol game under their own brand finally, specifically touting its gas efficiency, being able to shoot 2 to 3 mags of BBs on one charge from the singl stack mag. not unheard of as the KWA 1911 manages this for the most part. but they didnt state the magazine capacity. 



And lastly, the BOLT showed off their MP5SDs with the short suppressors and optional under rails, they look cool and demonstrably shoot pretty fast. They also showed of their "super recoil" AK74Su with nearly a whole bolts worth of weight that the gearbox has to chuck around. and their 5th gen recoil system for the M4. 


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As for GG Enfields, loading is possible in both ways- “stripper clip with rounds-mag” from top and remove stripper clip, or rounds-mag to magazine and full magazine into rifle from bottom.


There is a video on YT too.



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 Yes, its pretty sweet and answeres the questions pretty well.



Has anyone used G&G pistols? I'm super interested in that carbine kit.

There's a good amount of reviews of their M9 and its pretty good. not great, but its made of good materials and seems like a reliable sidearm if not a performance monster.

Something cool though, i found a product description video on G&Gs YT and they are releasing a version of the carbine with a fun switch :)


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VFC full size MP7 AEG. That's what I'm (and my back) are waiting for.


Me too!


Although being VFC, they probably make this with some weird proprietary parts... Aaaand those quickly prove to be prone to breaking under normal field use. Like the HK417 gearbox.


I'm probably still going to buy one. And just cross my fingers that some aftermarket parts manufacturer is going to come to the rescue and fabricate expensive CNC'd replacements... :D

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Cool loading concept. But steel bolt and receiver? Sounds like it's in the 1kUSD range.


I'm interested to see what they're charging too. G&G are a budget- to mid-range manufacturer - the overwhelming majority of their guns are sub-$250, with even the most premium, licensed and unpopular AEGs (like the SG 55x-series) generally being sub-$400. Similar classic gas BASRs they've produced (like the M1903s and the K98ks) top out in the $400-$450 range.


With the exception of their ~$1,850 MG42, I can't think of a single G&G gun that's more than ~$450. I can't tell if they're going to produce this at "whatever it costs, it costs" like they apparently did with the MG42, or if they're going to try and budget it more in line with their other products.

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disappointed. more of the same. 1911s aks and ar15s




meanwhile awesome pieces like the grand power are stuck with wingun's half blowback design.. .. Jericho is a plastic pos,  the Taurus line is massacred by KWC (granted their pt247 is almost bearable) etc etc etccccccccccccccccccccccc

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Missed this thread somehow, that G&G looks awesome, finally something to be excited about after the monumental RWA let down.  No4 as well is a big plus, would hate to be stuck with the No1 sights personally.

Wish I could find something in English on those KWAs, would certainly be interested in a 416A5/A7 if they did them and perhaps even more so the Tavor.

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