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Make the entire "Airsoft Chat" section publicly visible.

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As has previously been discussed on the Arnies Facebook page I feel it would be beneficial for the forums to make the entire "Airsoft Chat" section visible to everyone who visits, regardless of whether they are logged in or not.

Right now, unregistered users/guests can only see the "Airsoft News" section, and an FAQ section, neither of which do a good job of demonstrating the incredible amount and variety of content that is available on the forums. Content that could act as a draw to new users such as the picture sections and project discussions are completely hidden with no indication that they actually exist! As it stands, the two forum sections that are visible currently give off the impression that the forums are barely active and barely used.

I'm of the opinion that making these sections of the forums visible to everyone would help show that Arnies is a thriving forum which in turn would hopefully draw more people back from other sites such as Facebook, or draw in new players to register.

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I have no issues with that at all. There’s a lot of clicking and sorting to do it but will add to the “things to do from a proper computer” list for later this evening. 

I presume you mean the chat and general discussion areas under that?

Originally we had it disabled to stop us getting spammed by spider bots and reduce bandwidth it’s less of an issue now  


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