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Tanaka M500 revolver upgrades

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Hi guys, need some advice.

I bought a Tanaka S&W M500 a few years ago, and was thinking of using it the next time the site has a "big guns" game.

The gun has a 10.5 inch barrel, but the inner barrel looks to be 4 inches. Also, I haven't used it since buying it, so I may need to replace the hop rubber (if there's one).

Can anyone tell me if a normal tightbore will fit a Tanaka, and recommend a good one?

Also, is there a disassembly or takedown guide for the M500 Magnum? I can't find much online.

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never done an m500 .There's very limited spares and you'd need a barrel made to fit it. Iirc the m500 range tends to have adjustable hop and hammer tension. this may also help you.




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