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6Sh122 Reversible Military Camo Suite Review

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I've had my eye on 6SH122 Russian reversible camo suite for quite a while and finally I've bought it. It works for me well. I'm really satisfied with it.

Once I got the camo I decided to test it. I wet from the bottom of suit and hung up to dry, not squeezing. 6Sh122 soaked really slowly, the water drained and was not absorbed for a long time.
Drying at 6Sh122 was also fast. 

Has 2 camo sites. One is perfect for summer and another masks amazingly in autumn.

The disadvantages are:
- can't be worn on top of the gear. 
- inconvenient hood adjustment: the side cord around my head is too high.





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I used one last summer in a game in the UK. Really good suit, a bit heavier than the SSO partizan suit but still an outstanding scout suit. The fit is nice and loose, I prefer the cuff design to that on the partizan, though the partizan has a better hood and trousers that don't require suspenders. I'm considering buying a 6Sh112 if my spectre pattern partizan dies (it's a few years old and showing some wear after a lot of hard use) as the 6Sh112 seems tougher, and I think the two camouflage patterns will work well here in the south of Spain, though with the seasons reversed (everything is brown in the summer due to the heat, things go green in the autumn, winter, and spring).

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