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I have the ICS L86 A2, it has an adjustable spring so you can change the FPS but just changing a pin placement in the back of the gearbox. it shoots at 350FPS - 400FPS - $430FPS at the 3 different points you can set the pin. the gun shoots hard and straight, Having the A2 gives me a longer barrow so the grouping is super tight on semi and pretty good when running full auto. the only thing I found is the hop up arm is made of plastic, im planning on replacing the arm with a full metal one at some point but haven't had any issues with the hop but yet. I have put about 30,000 rounds through this gun so far and everything is still working strong. 

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The L86 has a longer barrel than the L85. The 'A2' refers to an upgrade to the real firarms that was mostly internal, the only feature on an airsoft gun that's different is the charing handle.

I also have the ICS L86 and it's fantastic other than the hop, over the years that plastic arm has given me so many problems with range. I've been looking at a metal replacement, but havn't found one yet.

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Actually yes, you are correct there. The A1 had a few different mag release styles but when they introduced the A2 there was a metal piece welded to the outside to protect it. There are also variants of the trigger that changed over the years so you might find A1s with different triggers but all the A2s have the same later design trigger.

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