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CTW / DTW Kaput 2

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ok... last thing i want to be is a repeated bearer of bad tidings... so I wont make another post like this. ( unless its something wonderful... like cybergun going under!  lol)
Please also consider this is a natural progression as companies open and close all the time, and we are generally unaware of the closures.
So don't get in a panic that the airsoft manufacturing is collapsing ...as this could be considered as normal.

And unlike the previous kuput post, I don't think these companies are directly linked together, other than they were selling the same / similar products. 
Which obviously impacted each others sales.

But it does seem like both the makers of CTW models Celcius Technology and even DTW models = G&D may now be defunct. 
Again there is no official announcement...  and this is my own guesswork. 
But I'll go over some of the facts for your perusal and you can make your own decision. 
And please... please correct me if anyone has alternative intel to prove I'm wrong.

Ok firstly Celcius Technology based in HK since 2008....the CTW model maker is the first PTW copy, and maker of the first ever AKM versions with a PTW  system.
There website is actually still up... and August last year went on a "up to 70% off sale"🚩... but are is still on sale now! 🚩eg: nothings changed on there website since.
There facebook page last updated Sept 27 2017🚩... and were even offering CNC Machine Operator / Programmer jobs... Sept 25th... to go work on the mainland.
But... no reply to any coms...
Visiting there HK address you'll find its already occupied by another company,🚩 and there's no answer / dead lines for the couple of phone numbers listed.🚩
A friend, that was close to those on the inside say hes weirded out cause, said one girl quit over a year ago, and other... just disappeared. 🚩
Best case would be... there moving... and still settling in.  I guess the middle case would be the went belly up. 
But sadly worst case I could consider here is they tried to move there operation to the mainland and now someones doing jail time. (if your not aware its totally illegal to manufacture or be in the possession of replica firearms in China.)

And then there's G&D the makers of the first copy of a copy of the PTW...  which wasn't a bad thing, especially for those on a budget, and the Max3 version were quite reasonable being nearly 100% compatible with the original Systema PTW.
Sadly I have less information on this mainland company, but I can no longer order quantities of there out of stock items.🚩 (which actually sent me hunting for the CTW range, and leading to this post.)
There website is still up, but never updated with there later products.....🚩 and Facebook page (referring to they had a HK office as FB being banned on the mainland)  last updated exactly 1 year ago,🚩 after previously regular monthly posts. 

Although same with SHS available stock,  there's still plenty of there less popular G&D items instock in the warehouse, but for the more popular lines, the well is already going dry.
But for CTW stocks... would already be a much more rarer breed now as it seemed it was never mass produced as much as the DTW range was.

Anyways... again... i hope i'm wrong,  I hope don't know jack and talking shyt out my piehole....
They maybe just moving... a shuffling the company / factories to return at a later date.
Although as time goes on... and no more definitive facts come to light.... this could well be the end of production of both of these brands and models.
But i guess so long as Systema keep making parts, irrelevant of cost, those with theses models can remain operational.

And the Systema purist fanboys go "YAY!!!!!!" 
All 2 of u... lol.


oh...   FYI...  i have a small stash of Celcius tactical pens.

Not the best "pen" ever invented due to there weight....  but surely the best pen ever invented if you wanted to Joe Pesci someone.  🤺  ...lol.
us$35 + shipping.


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Inquired with other insider at a management level.... and was told there was a significant investment made into Celcius by another party... and i would assume returns could not be meet... forcing the company to do a runna.... 

And on another note... I'm also told Systema are actually no longer making models or parts for the PTW systems... due to the general increase in the GBBR models market.
Although being the 2nd highest price product in the market (after the DASm4),  there is still plenty of product available.

And the Systema purist fanboys go "BOOOO...."

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