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Who makes a good MP7


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Every GBB MP7 requires some form of "work".  My experience has been working with/skirmishing with:

KWA/KSC MP7, Marui MP7,  WE MP7


I have not worked with the VFC MP7, though I have mates who have had them.


In terms of size, the KWA/KSC and the Marui MP7s are 90% copies of the real thing.  Not to dismiss them entirely, they are skirmishable, to a point.


KWAs work well out of the box, not so great in accuracy, though very gas efficient but has weak recoil, and is relatively trouble free until the bolt screws and bolt carrier disintegrates, nozzle return spring breaks, and then finding parts will be fun.

Maruis work even better, has awesome accuracy, kick and gas efficiency, until the blowback nozzle breaks.  There are plenty of aftermarket ones, which also breaks.  So fun  fun.


Then there is the WE MP7.  1:1 Nylon 66, feels like the real deal, even has a milled aluminium inner chassis, metal barrel, etc etc.  Kicks well, crazy ROF.    Gas efficiency is ok (not like Marui/KWAs).

Then comes to fun part: 

Hop doesn't adjust, stock catch (zinc) on the early ones broke due to the ridiculous ROF/Recoil (new ones are steel), hammers wear and are mushy.  Then over time the rate of fire/FPS becomes intermittent to find out that the steel pin that holds the gas release striker is bent over time affecting gas release.   Stock assembly breaks due to crazy recoil.

Good thing is that WE has replacement parts easily/cheaply available.  There are also steel hammer/FCG so that helps solve a number of issues.  But there are some fundamental issues around the gas release striker pin.  It is though WE basically designed a real steel and put GBB parts into it.   

After fixing all these issues, the WE MP7 shoots like a dream, and if you re-engineer a few things it will stay that way for a long while.


Then we have the VFC MP7.  Plastic internal chassis, plastic barrel, but externals are spot on with the real deal.  Kicks well, though poor gas efficiency, but makes up for it being the most reliable GBB MP7 out there, with people having used it every week for 2 years and not break.  The returns on the VFC MP7 are very low.  But then again not as popular either.


*Just remember that, gas efficiency issues can be solved quite easily in around 10 mins for most GBBs, so really a non issue*


In conclusion:


- If you don't want fuss and gaming infrequently/short term fling, the KWA is the best out of the box and for speedCQB skirmishes they are more than adequate.  

- If you want to form a long lasting/love-hate relationship with a GBB then choose the WE MP7.



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Marui ones are rare in my area these days and go for ALOT.. I find KWA MP7 to have an abidance of parts around, and they are relatively cheap with mags on the used market. One notable thing about the KWA MP7's are they have a tendency to crack at the rear.. 

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On 8/5/2018 at 12:18 PM, PaulSchoon said:

I have been looking around at guns and I think I want to get an MP7, from looking around I am kind of liking the KWA Mp7 but I dont know if there is anything better out there or not. What do you guys think about the MP7 and who makes the best one.

The KWA one is the best one. The VFC one is bad. Real bad.

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20 hours ago, AlecBeach said:

The KWA one is the best one. The VFC one is bad. Real bad.

Yeah, the kwa one is best. 

OP, in case you're still looking I got my mp7 from here. They have a free mystery gift with every order. I got a can of green gas, which is cool cause I forgot to order it...


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