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Were There Ever Arnies Patches?


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Trying to get 3 but it's still wanting £5 a piece, also the EU and US buttons don't seem to do anything at all (for me), regardless of number put in to the box.

It should allow you to order a multiple of three in the U.K. one (not the first button) when you get to the PayPal landing page you can select multiples.

Let me know and I will sort it if it needs poking.

I am going to print off a bunch of labels and then drop the orders off on Monday for you guys.

Wasn’t expecting so many orders so quite flattered you want some, thanks!

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Should be fixed mate. I just tested it in Incognito mode. Have been six orders so far, I've wrapped them all up and they are good to go on Monday. They have to be rubber samped at the Post Office as there's a proof of postage form I have to ask the postie to stamp which Paypal require.

Shipping done for... James, Scott, Joshua, Lennaert, Michael and David.

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