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WE M4 body's (different coating)

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Please educated me on generations on WE M4 rifle bodies, got some few answers from some buddies but wanted to open it up more..

(sorry for side ways image @ work)

One on right is a CB system, and the one of the left is OB.. plan on converting the right to OB as well! 

What I want to know is which one to keep, if there's any tolerance or QC concerns I need to be worried about? The one on the right has a better finish and deeper engravings IMO the one on the left!






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Hmmm... Can't say much about generations or the coatings but I agree the right one looks better.

My experience a year or two ago was that I bought another WE M4 OB upper thinking I could have two uppers and switch around on the same lower. Turned out the pin holes were way off spec between the two (new upper was off) so I couldn't use it :(

Original one was stock OB system and spare one was OB system (long after CB was dead).

Also, WE does not make any marking version M4s but they are AFC (Armed Forces Company, HK - WE Hong Kong distributor/partner), custom engraved and refinished WE M4s (AFAIK). You could try them and see if they can tell you anything about the finishes. http://www.guns.com.hk/

My recently purchased WE Raptor OB (non marking) also has the newer looking more satin/dark gray anodized look.

EDIT: Hmmm... wait. Your old original CB M4 upper (right) has the "new" style finish, and your old OB M4 upper (left) has the "new" style finish? :o 

Not sure if it's your exposure/white balance but your CB one looks even more light gray than my two newest ones, as per below.

Original AFC/M4 OB upper/rifle (approx. 2011)



WE M4 OB spare/off-spec upper (Approx 2016)



WE M4 Raptor OB rifle (2018)



Welp, looks like I did have something to say about it 😛 

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I've been experiencing similar things to NonEx. The older receivers look better. The new ones are slightly more correct, since Colt made their rifles in a dark black, and the finish on the new open-chamber versions are quite nice. But I personally prefer the older, grey anodized receivers. If someone knows where to get some, please inform the rest of us.

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