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Could we bring "Liked" content tab back?

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Thanks for all the work with the recent update, looks like it's all getting there! 

Is there any chance we could bring back the tab that displays all contents that you have received "reactions" for? I find it to be really handy to quickly find old posts / photos I posted for other things / reference, thanks! 

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Just wanted to be sure I was looking for the right solution, so stuff of yours that others have reacted to?

There are a number of activity streams that the new version supports (top left). Certianly one of them is content you follow and that will show updates in there for anything you're subscribed to. It will show likes etc, but not specifically just only posts of yours that have been liked.

What you've specifically asked for is something that's been raised with IPB before (see here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/424544-cant-customize-all-activity-but-new-stream-cant-add-likes/)

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Yeah as you described, in the old forum format there's a tab called "Liked", which shows your own content that others have liked, I found it really handy as generally things that people liked were photos I've posted when I needed to find them to show / repost etc. Is this hard to re-introduce in this new version? It's no biggy, just wondered if it could be brought back if it's not too much effort. 

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