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Tokyo Marui NGRS compatible rail systems

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Hi everybody, 

Quick question; can anybody recommend a KAC-type rail system that's compatible with the Tokyo Marui M4A1 SOCOM? Ideally, I'm after the same KAC-type rail that comes with the more expensive SOPMOD model:


While I appreciate that there's no shortage of these rail systems, I'm looking for one that offers the best fit (no wobble, flex, etc) when mounted on a Tokyo Marui M4A1 SOCOM. I'd appreciate your recommendations, & welcome offers for any spares you might have. 

With thanks, 


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Thank you both, 

Just to let you know I have since got my hands on an original Tokyo Marui rail system, which is the perfect outcome! Now I can shop around for the appropriate KAC-style rail covers, PEQ-2 battery box, & Surefire replica; in order to complete my SOPMOD Block 1 build... 

All the best, 


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