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Tokyo Marui teaser for All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2018

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2 hours ago, BioRage said:


IKR :(

I was prepared to get angry at this post by them announcing the NGRS AKM +/ AK74, because I've already built one based on the KWA ERG series (which is currently being hacked to take a E&L steel kit), but these don't look too inspiring, let's hope they have some more stuff up their sleeves. 

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Agreed, very boring all things considered. It seems like TM are sitting on some good stuff that I hope they do more with.  As above a fresh take on the aa12 gearbox would be cool, likewise a GIM shotgun would be really interesting

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11 minutes ago, ninja master of coffee said:

If you mean using the same gearbox as the AA12, never, the gearbox for that thing is far too large to fit in an AK receiver.

Yes it is huge!!! I wonder if it would even fit in the usas which seems to be thinner then the aa12 - but i have no idea.

A GIM saiga 12 on the other hand.. Yes mags would cost alot more then the 30 bb shells but you have more gas to play with, i'd hope a higher bb capacity too!  And if they cant do semi maybe a pump action spas 15? In b4 blowback, walk before you run and all that.

Not trying to moan -new TM gbb are always welcome

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5 hours ago, ninja master of coffee said:

Really it all comes down to if they think it would sell well enough on the Japanese market.

Doesn't seem like it would ever gain traction then sadly.  I would love a Saiga just to have something with tri barrels to run around in Partizan SS with that at least somewhat matches.

Oddly enough, in what vids I do watch of Japanese airsofters lately, there is far less TM models and more foreign manufacturers in both the youtuber and other players hands.  I suppose that is just a small slice of the scene over there, but it looks quite different now to me.

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Hyper Douraku's page on event has been up for awhile.


That Hicapa AEP (at least I think it is) new magazine had me in stitches.

The last portion has "Prototypes" but not the usual clay model handguns we are used to seeing (like the vp10 further up the page).  Not sure what they are on over there atm but I assume it must be good stuff.

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