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Get yourself into the Off Topic forums so we can all hang out as mates, make sure you inquire into the depths of this forum - there are plenty of posts, just be wary on the last time that something was posted in!

This post should have gone here:
Where you'll find many other airsofters in a similar situation.

Genuine questions fire away though.

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A new one!

Oooooooh Ahahahahhah.

A fresh, unspoiled rosy pink cute spawn!
What shall we dooo?
We're going to have fun with this one, eh lads? Good fun, heheheheheeeeh!

Oh, a butterfly! Wheeeeee butterflies!

Don't go to the off topic sections. 
They are populated by weirdos... 

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Old one coming back to the fold....... (me)

Dear newbie, this lot will gladly spend money (yours) on things you must have  :)  the pastime is as cheap or spendy as you want to make it.

This forum is a wealth of buried information, as already advised look around, the picture threads will waste many many many hours :)

Find the right sub fourm and ask away on technical things (after trying the forum search engine).


Ideal first step though,  find a local game site that does day rental.  Go run around the woods like a loon with a rental M4 and stout boots and jeans and a hoody........ and start there.....  :)

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