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Recomission an old AEG.


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About 5years ago i was moving across the country.

I sold off the pistols, they went instantly.  Some interest but no takers for my STAR AEG, and i had decided to keep the shotgun anyway.  So the shotgun is still in a sealed brand new carton as i sold off the one i was playing with but kept the new one and a broken one for spares.   The AEG just went into storage, the charger was playing up.

Last chrono was around 315-320fps.  Dug the charger and batterys out a while ago but have just got round to getting a new charger.  1x battery had leaked.  5 others appear in good order...... 

So far what may be a 10 year old stick has charged for a few hours and is showing as "green"   will try it out tomorrow as i charge another up.  Might get lucky but leaving NIMH's for years most likely will have ruined them.

Step 1  charge all the things.

Step 2  power up the AEG and see if it still works.....  only need power to test not to play all day.

Step 3  find chrono and see what fps is like after years in storage.  Will hop rubber have perished.

Step 4  Restart the plan for S-UMP and rebuild.  (intergrated silencer)


Seems things have changed, the forum is very quiet now, like many others.  Lipos are way cheaper, TM pistols are really spendy now, youtube is rather good with sniper player videos, and Umarex appear to have cloned the STAR/ARES varient of UMP which is handy as from memory DE and G&G would swap mags but STAR was a different fit.

And hop nubs and rubbers and hop-type has moved on again.  Should have kept the TM MK23 as seems to be buyable mods for that now as well.


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Battery did hold charge.  Test fired now, battery lasted around 100 shots,  this is both good and bad.

Good = gun cycled, and dry fired, then fired actual ammo...... it's alive !

Bad = battery is dead, expected that anyway.  2 of the 8.4v have taken "some" charge, one is showing as dead on the charger.  2x 9.6v to try next.

ROF came in at 650 on the knackered 1100mah 8.4 kinda as i remember, the 1500/1600mah turned over around 720rpm,  the real UMP is around the 630rpm area anyway.

FPS not too bad,  no idea what the hop is set for, could have been .28/.25/.20 BB's.   Tested with .20 and ranged from 322-344 with a random 350.1 and some low 290 as the bb hit the side of the chrono.  Seems higher FPS than i remember but memory could have been Site chronos reading lower than my chrono so the 315-320 could have been last game site chrono test.

Still,  not too shabby and i expect things have dried out inside so a bit of variance on FPS to be expected.

Looking like a damn good service and deep clean and new hop rubber and new batteries and good to game :)

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