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Colt M45A1..Which one to buy?


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It appears I'm back into 1911's again and now looking for a M45A1.

The three options that I have to consider are the Cybergun/KWC (I currently own 2 Colt Rail Guns and the Parkerized 1911A1) and have had no issues. My "Two Tone Rail Gun and 1911A1 have been used a lot while my "Stainless" Rail Gun has only been around for a month).

The next is the WE M45A1. I dont own any of the WE 1911's but I've heard the newest models are quite good (I have several of their Walther P38's and a ISSC M22 and they have worked well for me). None of WE M45A1's are available with any trades in the USA, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

The last is the Tokyo Marui M45A1. I have their MEU, 1911A1, Detonics, Strike Warrior and Desert Warrior and again, they all have performed well for me. However, I like a little more power (green gas or CO2), but I have concerns of longevity of use with green gas/propane in TM pistols. These are tough to get over here, but can be done.

Price differences are not too much of a issue. However, I want this pistol to hold up to significant use. I know TM has great parts availabilty (except for the lack of M45A1 aftermarket slides, frames and all exterior frame parts in the correct color) but I'm not looking to have to make any early expensive up-grades to whatever pistol I end up with just to keep it working. I plan on shooting this thing a lot!

Your sugguestions will be very helpful. Thank you.

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I have brought the list down to two.. The Cybergun/KWC and Tokyo Marui. The reason for dropping the WE version is for the fact I'll have to buy a load of new spare magazines as neither my TM or KWC magazines (of which I have a "boat load") can be used in the WE and I'm not looking at having to stock another type of 1911 magazine. But, I may change my mind in the future. The decision has nothing to to with WE as their products have been solid for me.

Have to make up my mind tonight in order to take advantage of the "Black Friday" sales. The Cybergun/KWC is available at 30% off (about $90.00) with free shipping. Not much of any break on the TM and it has to come from overseas for about $170.00 and then there is the postage.

I hate these decisions. I have had super luck with both brands. 

On my way to the family Thanksgiving dinner to stuff my face with a super turkey dinner. Guess what I'll be thinking about in between bites. 

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