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Current G series 'bestest modl'


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I'm here to update my little research and collect more data. 

2 years back I was looking for the better G17 clone, but I had a few strokes of bad luck which prevented me from either buying or playing.

Last 'winner' in my list was the KJW KP13 ( I would buy it trough ASG )
Looks and feels good, mostly TM compatible, good performance and CO2 capable for colder temps.
Also, KJW provides an easy source of parts.

After 2 years, surely a new contender has arrived?
What's the opinion on the ERG/ Salient Arms BLU clone?
Any other?


PS. It might be helpful to note that I almost always replace the barrel and hoprubber immediately with the hop key/arm and unit in the long run.
I was planing to use the tritium/fibre combination fromUAC but they went bust recently. Any comparable products?


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Big thumbs up for the KJW KP13. Have two and they run great. The grip is probably the best design out there and I've used updated Guarder slides and barrels with no problems. One of the slides carries a RMR. If you get it, you wont be disappointed. The only part not "G series compatable is the magazine release which is all metal and totally different design (its a better design as well). Original slide "looks" ok, but I've been using blank (zero trades) G17 slides from Guarder on mine.

As for the BLU, I find it offers no advance (other than looks) over the Timberwolf. It's predominately the same pistol. Frankly, I wish they would bring back the Timberwolf.

I've built some G19's and G17's from all Guarder parts and they are pretty good. They look good and function well, but my KP13's and Timberwolf's are better.

Not a big fan of the new "legal" Glocks available from Umarex/Elite Force. While they have the "proper trades", they also have others that kind of spoil the image. Function appears to be "ok" but there have been no "rave reviews" from our band of shooters. There have also been reports of frames cracking near the trigger guard (though I've not seen any picture proof of this).

Frankly, I would be more interested in seeing a CZ P-10 and CZ- P07. I'd also like to see a Colt Combat Commander and a Styer M9A1 (GBB).

If you go with the KJW KP 13, I dont think you will disappointed.

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I actually find that KP13 grip loosely mimics the CZ P-10. I have large hands and even some people with medium to small hands feel they can handle the pistol just fine. It appears to not need changeable backstraps. The beavertail and relief cut on the trigger guard also allows you to get your hand up pretty high, which helps create a nice low bore axis.

The fact that you can use TM and WE magazines is a nice touch as well.

My only issue is getting a holster that fits. The frame has a molded-in thumb rest for your "off hand" on each side of the frame. It does a great job at what its supposed to do , but it protrudes just enough to make holstering the pistol difficult. It sticks out just a bit further than the slide release. I'm currently using a Blackhawk Omnivore with a TR-1 light as that holster locks up on the light and not the pistol itself. Basically the holster will take 150+ different pistols that have a rail that has a TR-1 on it. There is another version that works with the Surefire x-300 and another version that gives you a block to put on a empty rail if you dont have either of those lights. Clever design and so far retains the pistol very well.

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