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Ambi-safety for TM 1911 that doesnt "wiggle around"?

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I've been building up some "TM style" 1911's and I keep running into the same problem. The right side thumb safety on TM and KJW pistols all seem to move around a bit whether they are in the "locked and cocked" position or the "down to fire" position. It is just an annoying situation that I would like to resolve either with a "fix" or replacement with "aftermarket" parts. My only other option is a "non-ambi extended thumb release" and I've not been able to locate any for the last couple of months.

I dont have this issue with my Cybergun/KWC Colt Rail Guns, so I know it can be done.

Thanks for the help.

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Yeah. The layer of glue is just to fix the sloppy tolerance. Test fit them together on their own to check it's a firm fit and can be removed when on the gun.

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