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WTS: PolarStar SCAR-17

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I have for sale a VFC SCAR17 that has V2 PolarStar Fusion Engine installed. 

The gun also has real-steel QD sling swivels from GG&G and Kinetic Development Group installed, and a Magpul style pistol grip.  The Fire Control Group and battery fit into the buttstock.  You can still fold the stock, but the wire is visible when you do it. 

I will get pics up later. 

Includes four hicap and four midcap magazines.  The midcaps don't work well (known issue with this gun) but could probably be sanded down for a better fit.  The hicaps have Magpuls on them and work great.

Package includes the gun, FCG, and magazines.  HPA tank, regulator, and air line is NOT included. 

This gun cost me around $1000 to build but it's yours for $550 shipped. 

I will consider trades for:

Wolverine for M1 Thompson

PolarStar F2 for M1 Thompson

PolarStar for M240B


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