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The Handgun Light Thread

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Hi all,


Thought I’d make one dedicated thread for discussion about various handgun lights (not long arm lights, they’re too easy)


Feel free to post all your questions on:





Genuine vs Clone



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I’ll start with a question about the APL-C. I have the genuine Gen3 model, and with a G19X on the way it seems a good idea to get the C variant.

Has anyone tried the ACM clone? Seems a bit overkill to spend another £150 on a light.

Also, can anyone determine what the difference is between the advertised ‘Glock’ specific model? All the sales listings say the same copy and paste job from Inforce.

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I got a APL C clone from AliExpress. The switch had a problem and the light would sometimes flicker when turned on. Otherwise was pretty bright and I liked it overall more than the XC1 for a compact light. Ended up selling it and switching back to an x300 clone though.

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There’s also the Olight PL Mini to consider for compact length handguns. Same size profile as the APLC And XC-1.

Magnetic charging a built in battery, 45 mins for 60 minutes of light, at 400 lumens. Sound perfect for daily skirmishing. (You’d have your light on perhaps 10 minutes total in a day?) only £60 rather than £100+ as well.

Sadly there only seems to be an FDE version of the newer model, which is a limited edition, and starts at $100. Which is a bit of a shame

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I'm a bit weary of these lights with non removable batteries.  The whole light will be useless when the battery is done.

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I suppose I'll throw my tuppence in. My opinions on the Night Evolution/Element X300 replica.



I'm not a lumen-chaser, so I don't pay attention to specifics. It's bright enough to illuminate a room and possibly dazzle an opponent, with focus tight enough to use as an improvised/reflex aiming point. It is significantly dimmer than my real Surefire X300U, but I really don't want 500-odd lumens for an airsoft game.



It feels about the same as my real Surefire X300U, so it's quite good. I've fully submerged the light in swamp water at least a dozen times by now, sometimes for 5-10 minutes straight. It continues to function flawlessly, more than can be said for the handgun(s) it was attached to.



I bought this light about 5 years ago, so I can't recall exactly how much I paid for it. It appears the newer Night Evolution X300U is going for around 60 USD, which is fair for what you get.



I've had no drama fitting this light to a Cyma CM.030 Glock AEP, KJW KP-01 P226 GBB, and TM P226E2 GBB. Solid lockup with a bit of wiggle, but nothing to worry about.


Genuine vs Clone:

As noted above, it fits and feels like the real thing. It is compatible with aftermarket tailcaps; I have a real Surefire DG switch fitted to mine, which functions as intended. Word to the wise: don't bother with replica DG switches, as their dimensions are off and tend to conform to your handgun's frame poorly.



Much like Night Evolution's scout light replicas, their X300 is a genuine value. I would've been happy with a 2-3 year service life, but it continues to go strong 5 years later. Considering how much you save over the real Surefire product, I think buying the NE replica is a no-brainer.


Attached is a picture of the X300 in the field. It looks beat to hell because it is. Still does the job.


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