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KJW/ASG CZ Shadow 2 gbb

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As suspected, KJW is the OEM for ASG's upcoming CZ Shadow 2 GBB pistol. They have recently updated their website with pics and details. As per the norm for KJW, the gun can use either CO2 or green gas. For those that might not be familiar with the Shadow 2, it's an update of the SP01 shadow and incorporates a number of changes recommended by competition shooters. In real life the gun is designed for IPSC type matches and considered to be probably the best 'out the box' pistol on the market and is highly praised for it's trigger and accuracy. 

Release date is late April/early May.


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Forgot to mention that the hop has been restyled to be Marui compatible. However, hop adjustment is still via a hex screw.

At least that will give owners more mod options than the SP-01.


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