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What's your backup?


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Was looking for something more compact than my TM Mk23 (which I love). So I took one of my ASG Steyr M9-A1 NBB pistols, cut two coils off the spring to get it to shoot 350-370 FPS (shoots 400+ stock) ,  glued into the slide a WE threaded barrel adapter and applied a 10 inch foam filled suppressor that I got many years ago (has clockwise thread on one end and counter clockwise on the other).

Never very accurate past 50-60 feet, it now throws .20's out to nearly 100 feet and I'm hitting a cookie baking pan on a regular basis. It's also super quiet (maybe more quiet than the Mk23). Only a 15 shot stick magazine but I get a ton of shots from a C02 bulb.

I like those Rugers! My Assassins Mk1 has finally started having issues.

Working on doing the same work on my H8R revolver..since there is no cylinder/barrel gap, it could be quite successful.

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I've been using a TM P226E2 for most of this year. When it gets too cold for gas, I pull out my Cyma AEP (G18C converted to semi-locked G17). Neither are sexy or especially great performers, but they are drop-dead reliable.



I now realize this is in the snipers' section, which I am most definitely not. Apologies.

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44 minutes ago, gisburn20 said:

The one on the left has the stock kjw grips, the one on the right has real Hogue mk1 grips, only took a couple of minutes to modify to fit the Airsoft version.

Sorry, doesn't seem like I know my left from my right these days. Thanks for the tip! I love my .22 Mk. IV so I'd adore having one of these for field play. The aftermarket offerings for that series is unbelievable. 

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