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ICS L85 MOSFET issues.

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Hi Guys.
Has anyone experienced any issues with MOSFET installation on the ICS L85?
I re-wired one recently for a friend, my usual set-up that I've done to dozens of AEGs without any real issues.
Tested fine, gave it back, the MOSFET over-heated when he tried it at the first Game, started melting Wires.
I took it back and replaced the MOSFET, thinking maybe I'd got a duff one, or possibly I'd damaged it during Soldering.
Tested fine again, gave it back, it's done the same again.
He's not using anything other than a pretty standard Li-Po.

Any ideas?

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Check the polarity on the battery he's using. Also, check it's not dead and drastically under-performing when it comes to current output, as that will kill a mosfet pretty dead.

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Thanks DarkLite.
All the Batteries he has have been converted to Deans by me, so I know they're all good.
Also, it fired a few times before he had the issues, both times.

Gun is new, he gave it to me to do as soon as he got it.
I've done my usual Mods internally, AoE set with Custom Made Piston Head, Thinner O-Ring, Dry-Film Lube on the Gear Teeth and Piston Tracks.

The MOSFET I use is good for 170 Amps or so.

As mentioned, it tested fine when I built it.


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Extra info.

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I know this is an old thread but I have a Trigger Master MkIII computerised FET in my ICS L85 which is practically retro tech these days but something I found to be lacking with the ICS switch in the TMH/lower is that the copper/gold parts of the switch look like they are just press fit. I seem to recall having 'signal wire' related issues until I took the switch apart and tinned all over the back of any 'press fit' parts.

Installing the TM Mk3 also necessitated the removal of the 'upper' contacts and I have 1.5mm bullet connectors running between the fet and trigger switch instead, I'm not that au fait with electronics but the switch as standard to me seems like it has a lot of potential points of resistance which could upset a FET.

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