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Hello fellow ch/airsofters ;7)


Anybody ever dealt with Royaltigerairsoft out of HongKong?


I just had a very bad experience with them today.


I have been looking for ages for an UBR stock for my GBBR and finally found it on their website - in stock

Or so I thought,


First of all you paid 3,90$ for them to send you the shipping cost ofcourse without them saying anything about it before.


Than I get a mail saying the item will be shipped one back in stock - say what - your webpage just informed me that it was actually in stock

thats the reason for me ordering it in the first place!!!!!!


I have requested my 3,90$ or I gonna report them to Paypal for misinformation.


Is it just med beeing unlucky or have anybody else had the same experience??

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from royaltigergear com


we response to this above customer immediately but his only response is this link , so we try to explain here.


Our Order System is

1.       Login and order what you want but NEVER ask for customer credit card information NOR redirect to any payment system.

2.       Then we will send a shipping quotation E-mail. Inside there are a few shipping options, customer needs to reply and we will send customer a paypal invoice through paypal.

3.       After payment, we will confirm customer with their name and address.


The reason of NO direct payment is based on most customers don’t trust an unknown web site security system and shipping can vary based on the packaging of different items together.


Thus the whole process never exist “First of all you paid 3,90$ for them to send you the shipping cost” . For Over 10 years there is no such complaint like this.


Again, this customer never response afterwards.

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But why not tell people right away that the item is not in stock to begin with

why the hole checkout process and reciewing a mail with shipping cost ONLY AT THE END OF ALL OF THIS

only to reciewe a mail that you MAYBEE will have it in stock at the end of june?

Why this waste of time?

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