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Walther PPK full auto problem

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Hi, I have a PPK which has started shooting full auto and jamming. It isn’t a consistent problem but it does make the gun unusable. I can cock the gun single action fine, I can rack the slide manually fine most times, but if I do it quickly then most times the hammer will not stay back and will return with the slide.

i assume that something has worn on either the hammer or a sear, but I am not quite sure and am a little weary about taking out a part I am not familiar with, and sanding/filing possibly the wrong part.

Could someone possibly point me in the correct direction so I might be able to fix it? Many thanks.

If only WE would release one 😄

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You mean, the ACM PPK?

Don't bother. I learned the hard way that it is a very shiny chromed turd. Ended up relegated to the prop box.

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The Chrome turd is basically a body kit for a Maruzen.


In which case then it has all the problems of the Maruzen, basically it won't be able to take Green gas which severely affects ability to skirmish with it.  The recoil is enough to snap slides which happens on both the Maruzen and the ACM. 

I had both, now the Chrome turd is a Maruzen sitting in a collectors box with a silencer and loaded with 134a, and has been in that box for the last 8 years.


I ended up getting WE PMM, converted back to PM grips.  It uses the PPK Serpa holster with some modification, so it becomes a very practical/fieldable sidearm.


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