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Replica of an Ukrainian AK rail for the airsoft Asura TWS Rail

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So a long time ago I got to use an AK in Slovakia that had a really nice dust cover rail on. 


Note how it's nearly identical to the Texas Weapon System rail, except it has the original rear sight on. 

Since I own the Asura TWS clone, I thought maybe all I need to do is replace the "bridge" to do what the little rail does on top. 


^Asura rail.

Work in progress:




Still need a bit of tweaking, the rear sight sits 1.5mm higher than the original position, so if I cared enough I would adjust the front sight up by the same amount. Gotta come up with a way to put a spring in there to keep good tension, and a few more fitment issues, after that it's ready to get printed in steel! 

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I did think about the BDC situation, for airsoft purposes obviously doesn't make any difference, but for real steel... I'm not sure how much it'd effect it, since both sights are raised together by 1.5mm, wouldn't that cancel any shifts? I'd imagine the difference can't be that big, besides, we all know AKs aren't accurate and only for engagement within 50m and after which it flies wildly in all direction, right...!?

You mean to bridge them across width-wise right? Like connect it into one thick hook instead of two spindly ones? It won't look the same as the original one though 😕 Authenticity vs durability trade off... ummmm 

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If you raise the front sight as well then it shouldn't make a difference but it looks like the front post would be level with the protective ears at that point. My bad on the open vs bridged hole. Seemed bridged like a normal RSB to me at first glance but if you get it printed in metal it should hold, just don't put a very stiff spring under it I guess.

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