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ICS SIG 551 & Accessories


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Make: ICS 
Model: SIG SAUER 551 SWAT full metal 
Accessories: Front Rail System, Upper recover scope rail, cheek rest, 4 hi caps of varying capacity
FPS: 340
Swaps/splits/part ex: No X 3
Condition: used but good
Price: £190

Picked this up in a trade as non working. Gearbox has been stripped, cleaned, reshimmed, AOE corrected with airlab Sorbo pad, new ICS wiring loom and extension to deans, piston rails polished. Fitted a Prometheus purple hop rubber and nub, and a mad bull stainless steel tight bore barrel, the barrel is shorter than the outer but still an improvement. Also had new pistol grip end plate and new 552 style charging handle fitted. Also fitted a flash hider from my MCX sig 

all works as it should and solid as any pro line ICS sig should be. 

This is wasn’t an MRS model so the rail is aftermarket and means the rail and scope rail don’t sit level, not that it’s a huge issue. There is room in the rail to take a 2600 7.4 limo nun chuck style, so this is an all day gun option 

was thinking of keeping it but I’m already struggling to justify having 3 AEG’s given how little I get to play.



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