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WTS Airsoftclub M14 gearbox, mags (Star) and parts


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Yesterday I have buried my ASC/Tim Chan M14, a lot of parts just disintegrated by itself, so I have decided to throw them out.


Nevertheless some are in very good and most probably working condition.


I keep the receiver as paperweight and flashider, but aside I have:

- Gearbox with motor cage: seems ok

- 7 magazines (6 midcaps and 1 hicap, if my memory serves well, they are compatible with the old STAR Airsoft SOPMOD)

- 2 piece aluminium barrel

- Stock with handguard

- Some parts





- I think the midcap, 2nd from left is Ares, others are ASC.






If anybody interested in something, let me know and we will work it out. Shipping from Czech.






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