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Just got one today, so brief overview.


Lighter than I expected, maybe 675g or so, but it still feels good and solid with no rattles.

The finish is really nice and well executed. Comes with an additional larger grip section, but despite having larger than average hands, to me the smaller one felt nicer.

The blowback is extremely satisfying and snappy - kind of akin to the TM Strike Warrior. No accuracy tests etc yet, but will update. Very impressed with this, really nice gun for the first attempt by ICS, and dirt cheap.





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Dunno if the mags are proprietary as not checked any cross comparisons yet, but they are well made and leak free.

I got this from Firesupport who have it in other colour combos and they stock comprehensive spares for it.

Seems to be loosely based on the FN FNS-9 as far as I can see. Small accuracy test today at 7-10m and it was pretty much spot on point of aim. Trigger take up is a little springy / mushy but the let off is light and crisp - it feels quite nice overall. Also comes with a moderator adapter in the box. Mag and slide release are both ambi and the dot sights are luminous.

Other thing to note is the report is notably loud compared to other pistols I have. Really liking this so far tbh. These have been out for a while now, so surprised I've not seen them mentioned on here, unless I've missed it of course.


Review here.......


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ICS pistols are really good, there are some in my country. They looks like long-lasting, with upgraded inner barrel and hopup bucking. The painting not really good, disgusting and damage really fast. First time as I saw a ICS BLE it looks like an upgraded WE M&P, their parts seems to be really close at first time - ICS have better quality but I think it is a copy of WE's M&P9.

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