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Dekowaffenhandel Türk

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I thought I'd leave a brief review of Dekowaffenhandel Türk, an Austrian dealer in military surplus. As you're probably guessing, it's because I've had an absolute nightmare of a time dealing with them with a very unsatisfactory result, and I want to warn users to steer well clear of them.

The retailer has the same problem as other European militaria dealers (especially ZiB Militaria, who I also dealt with) in that you can only get in contact with them via e-mail (the telephone numbers simply direct you to the website) and e-mail communication with them is tortuously slow. However, Dekowaffenhandel Türk are spectacularly bad even by these incredibly low standards: although you'll eventually get an answer from enquiries submitted via the website, you will never get a reply to a reply. The owner (it's a one-man band) ignores e-mails, especially once he has your money.

In my particular case:

  1. I contact him in advance to find out whether or not a specific item is available. He assures me that it is.
  2. I ask him how to ensure I get the specific item, and not a generic alternative. He tells me to specify on the order form.
  3. I place the order. As requested I specify on the order form.
  4. I pay. When I notify him I've paid, I repeat that I want a specific item, and that if it is not available, not to send me a generic alternative.
  5. I receive a generic item.
  6. He starts ignoring my e-mails. By the time he deigns to answer one, the two-week return period has expired.
  7. He resumes ignoring my e-mails.
  8. The situation is never resolved.

I can't stress this enough: don't buy anything from this guy. There is nothing he has that you can't get elsewhere without getting ripped off.

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