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Specna Arms G36 opinions?


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Hello guys, I'm thinking about getting a Specna Arms G36K for a project now they are on sale, but I have to admit I don't know much about those, I believe they are S&T rebranded but not much more to be honest.

My question is if those are good enough to be a fair gun once bucking, nub (probably will flat hop them) and barrel have been changed, I'm not after upgrading the gearbox internally beyond deactivating the blowback.

Thanks for the help! 😃

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They definitely look like S&T, or rather the original EBB ARES design

Ive used an old Ares for a few years, and used an S&T gearbox for a dmr project. 

New bucking, nub, and barrel is a GOOD idea 😂 I used the original barrel to learn how to S hop

Stock motors are not fast or strong, add EBB to that and they can be sluggish unless you have a monster battery. So I usually replace them ASAP with something more torquey 

I actually had good luck sanding the blowback track to smooth it out (the slot in the gearbox shell where the blowback piece slides around is pretty rough) you can actually get these guns reliable with EBB unless you use a lot of full auto.




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