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I didn't really like the grips on my new KJW P226 - looked and felt plasticky.

You can get this stuff called Plastidip. It's basically a spray on rubber coating. I gave the grips 4 light coats and a final wet coat. The grips now not only don't look like plastic, they don't feel like it either and much more grippy. The picture is a bit pants, I'll try to get a better one tomorrow.

Also, I've used a faux wood finish a few times to good effect and has a few advantages.

1. You don't have to buy wood grips

2. On TM's you can retain the grip weights, so not making the gun lighter by fitting wood ones.

3. No fettling to make them fit.


I did this on my TM US M9, but don't have any pics (I may get some tomorrow). In the meantime I've attached a pic of a Umarex 586 which I did it to.





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1 hour ago, Got Wood? said:

Can you do a before and after pic? Not really sure what’s different in these photos...?

If you're talking about the Sig, I don't have a before.

However, the grips looked like cheap plastic and felt like it. Now they look more like hard rubber and don't feel plasticky (if that makes sense)

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