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Grenade launcher compatible with GHK AKM?

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Hello. I was wondering if there is an russian style grenade launcher that fits the GHK AKM without modification?

I tracked down a Dboys GP-25 a while ago, but the diameter of the AKM outer barrel is just a tad bit too large to slide the launcher onto in order to lock on the bayonet lug, to begin with.

For reference, im using a 2019 production gun, and the barrel diameter is 15,5mm. The front part of the GP-25 is 15.25 so i guess i could try to sand this down, but i am also concerned about the bayonet lug cutout being different which would be much harder to accommodate. I dont really wanna do any permanent modifications to my AKM to fit this.

So im just curious if anyone has mounted this, or any other russian grenade launcher to their GHK AKM's, and what they had to do to make their particular brand/model of launcher to fit? I would prefer a GP-25 style but if a 30 or something is out there that fits straight on id be willing to get that instead.


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