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Ivan le Fou

J.K. Army and feedback.

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I have had the opportunity to order a few things from that store.

Their prices are reasonable and they also have item that are, sometimes, not available elsewhere, which can make it an interesting place to make business with.

Unfortunately, there are also several issues and things seem to have been going down hill.

I'll quickly skip the "non-updated stocks" which is something happening to a lot of stores, usually it is no big deal and that issues tend to be solved quickly.

Instead, and that's my main issue, is the extremely poor, at least from my experience, customer service and lack of communication. They don't answer mails, they don't answer their "live chat", they don't even answer Paypal's inquiries in the case of reclamation.
That can make life pretty difficult when you need extra details concerning a product, but also compromise sales.

Which is the situation I am currently finding myself in. The lack of communication, time taken to treat orders and, at least from my perspective, poor professionalism are making me reconsider making business with them.

Which sucks, because, as I said, they do have interesting products at interesting prices.

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