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Zci Cylinders for an ak105 rebuild.

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Figured my old topic might be too old to bump back up.

Some background:  Putting in 16:1 shs gears I had left over from last tinkering, replacing an asg yellow rating spring for a zci m95 (attempting to lower enough to be able to clear buildings with/reduce strain).  ZCI high torque motor (28 tpa iirc), aoe corrected with sorbo and shs blue 14 teeth piston.  Shimming will probably be a mess no matter how I try.

Anyways, after finally getting a shs air nozzle that will hold a seal (I suspect the zci one I had earlier lost its o ring or something), I am now at a crossroads.  I have two zci cylinders on my work pile, a full type 0 cylinder that was in the gearbox previously (logic being it would help with .28s and whatnot, especially after aoe correction), and a type 2 that just arrived with the air nozzle, that is different from the stock type 2 cylinder in that instead of 2 ports it has 4 thinner ones.  I also have a SHS cylinder head brand new that I believe has a longer nozzle section.

My questions are:

  • Whether I should go ahead with the new type 2 and if so how should the ports be angled?
  • Out of the two ZCI nylon piston heads types I have, is it okay to use the lighter nylon piston head or stick to the regular nylon one that has metal bearing ring in its metal nut base.
  • Would the SHS cylinder head with either piston be a better option with the longer nozzle.

I just tested seal with the zci type 2 cylinder with matching cylinder head and the shs air nozzle and got a decent seal (afaik about this stuff).  Just looking for suggestions before I finally get this thing rebuilt and off my table so I have space for my hands when gaming.


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