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WE G series MOS full house

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WE G series add "MOS" in all line up base on true spec adapter including Docter / Trijicon / C-more / Leupold  red dot sight and free higher sights  

Left is original G-19 slide , MOS G-19 at right side   Also the nozzle set , left is original , Mos is right side Just 2 coin higher different. kill WE's CEO many many br

New frame was already ... G-17 Gen5 MOS G-19 Gen5 MOS The G-series MOS type final puzzle...

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Well, go see for yourself as KY just posted that those two models are next to be released 😛

No pics of the G45 MOS yet though.

And the 19X MOS is not "correct".

Wait... As per your reference and RS pics, their 19X MOS is basically the Glock 45 MOS :o

Don't forget they usually release these with custom markings shortly after WE OEM release if you want to hold out for that. You can also talk to KY Airsoft directly on FB Messenger for further customization and Cerakote etc.





If nothing else I would think you can custom build one by asking KY Airsoft to mix and match upper/lower parts for you to get a correct G45 MOS.


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From what I have been told only the gas route rubber is different. KY Airsoft sell them separately.


Install that on any WE Glock compatible mag and it should be good to go in a WE Glock MOS pistol. I do wonder though if the feed lip part is different as well but I don't think so.

Let me see if I can double check with KY on that.

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On 5/11/2020 at 7:43 PM, Rubi-Tong said:

The 19X is hopefully due later this week (fingers crossed) 

Bought the Gen5 17 MOS too, that'll be another 2-3week wait😭

Really hope the plates are real steel compatible, I want to mount the Shield MOS plate and an RMS dot. So low, even co-witnesses with standard sights😁


Like this..? ;)


This is the VFC x ALC steel slide version, but using Shield SMS instead of RMS or SMS2.0, but same mounting footprint. Had to copy ALC's RMR plate and get my own plate CNC'd as there's no aftermarket options 😕 FWIW though the SMS / RMS aren't actually co-witness so to speak, but more similar to 1/3 you'd find on rifle optics. 

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