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3D terrain


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2 hours ago, ninja master of coffee said:

This is awesome, and I think an excellent idea for larger sites in particular. I guess you're in the south of Portugal? The satalite image looks a lot like Andalucía where I'm based.

It's almost near... Alentejo makes border with Andalucia!

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Trying to add some detail, and as i didn't get woodland miniatures to make the forest and trees in the terrain, I add some small plastics chunks to simmulate the trees and not so dens vegetation, and add some big trees to make tall trees and dens vegetation.





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On 9/13/2019 at 7:14 PM, Lone_Bullet said:

Great work, Stunt.
Did you take hints and tricks from Games Workshop like warhammer or wargames tabletop games and miniature trainmodels?

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Nope, made by eye and thinking what's better to the project.


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