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Hello ch/airsofters


I'm looking for a pistol light but I'm kind of on the cheap side of the game


Like with rifle light there are the line of Night Evolusion that make decent copies of the Surefire line that works just fine for the use of an airsofter like me

but what are the options when it comes to pistol lights?

Are there any good copies of the more famous makes and model of the ones used for RS?

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I apologize as I just saw this subject today.

I'm currently using the Inforce brand of pistol lights. I've found them in the $90.00 to $110.00 price range.

They are very light in weight, 200 lumens  (although they have 400 lumen that are higher in price), they are said to be waterproof down to 3+ feet.

I have one "full size" version in FDE that is a perfect fit on my TM M45A1 pistol and a close color match. I also use it on my Timber Wolf G17 and it is a perfect color match to its FDE frame.

I've two other of the smaller lights, (in black) one for the picatinny rail and the other for the Glock rail (I did have deepen the rail notch on my Guarder G19 frame as it was too shallow). They look super on these pistols (I've also used them on my KJW P229, TM P226, WE M22 , WE P226E2,  Umarex PPQ, TM USP 40 aep and my H8R revolver).

These lights have basically replaced my old original M3 and current TLR-1 as they are much more compact and lighter. The on/off finger paddles are a very good design with a very positive on/off action.

I highly recommend them and I hope they are in your price range. I haven seen some clones that are less expensive but I cannot vouch for their quality.

Hope this has been helpful.

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Well, you will have to disregard my previous info regarding the Inforce weapons lights.

It appears that they have stopped production of "pistol" weapon lights and have not commented on the reason or if they are bringing out a new model.

You can get a "knock off" made by Cree and is widely sold on Hong Kong sites (Ebay has many offers but due to current isses, we cant get them here for now).

I did just purchace a Bayco Nightstick Compact Weapon Light for approx $115.00 and compares favorably to the TLR-7.

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