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LCT RPK Screw Matter of Frustration


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So, figured I'd finally show what the main issue is that is plaguing me from enjoying my LCT RPK Replica.  Years ago when I got it, I left it stock and whatnot.  When I first decided I wanted to upgrade it internally and rewire, I found out that one of the two allen key screws under the sight was stripped to the point of complete destruction straight from factory.  Being unable to disassemble it properly, I had to do stupid damaging things to get the gearbox out whenever I wanted to take a look at it.

You can see the raised screw that is serviceable, whilst the other one is pretty much fubared, no glue to an allen key (metric naturally) worked, no drill bit meant for steel on either a cabled drill or (as of todays attempts, my dremel) has been able to drill it out, and it is a nightmare to get a bit to it because the only access point is from the top as seen in second photo.

At this point all I want to do is destroy the screw completely, don't care if I end up only having one retention point.  Don't have access to a machinery shop or anything, and my attempts with an oversized bit a few minutes ago produced a lot of heat and sparks, along with wear on the bit, just trying to punch through the hole in the top.

I swear to Tink whoever designed this system at LCT should be flung out of the highest office window they have.  It is absolutely asinine.  I almost want to let it rot in a box somewhere and get the 74 version I spied in a private sale elsewhere, but then I think about how it screws could also be facked up if I wanted to mosfet/upgrade it as well.

Sorry if this seems like a waste of a topic, just wanted to vent.



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Hrmmm... Not even a steel drill bit can drill it out? :o

Seems crazy. Cutting fluids and low-medium RPM, medium pressure on it and time and patience should drill it out.

You could get a size larger sacrificial allen key and file it down to a tapered profile and try that, hammer it in there real good.

Try a suitable size Torx wrench.

Or try to find factory tapered allen bits. Meaning the tip is the "correct" size and then it gets bigger. Again, hammer in in there. I have a kit like that and it is extremely efficient at getting out allen screws that the correct size "straight" bits won't get out.

Or if you can get in there with a Dremel diamon cutting disc somehow, try to cut a straight flat-head cut in the top of it and remove with a screwdriver.

Those are all the ideas that I have that I have tried myself when previously faced with similar situations. 😐


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I ended up handing it over to one of the event hosts from today's rec game to take a crack at it and gave him permission to do "whatever" is necessary.  Hopefully by next game on the 27th I'll have it back to redo everything (found out today the plastic hop up unit bb funnel is warped when it would not feed at all).

Sorry Tink.

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No, not something I could source.  Already got the screw out thanks to my contact, and surprisingly the assembly holds fine with just one screw, but I will have to see about getting better replacement ones.

Now the rewiring I did, that is another story.

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