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Another one rejoining airsoft after a LONG break....


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Hi, as per the title, played a lot of Airsoft between 2004-07  (Black Ops Bristol, Ground Zero Ringwood  and others) then stopped when I began a new job/career that sapped my time inc weekends. Getting back into it now, sorting out my UKARA registration and looking to buy some new kit. Still have most of my old gear including my upgraded Classic Army M4 CQB which I intend to carry on using. Some of it I'll be looking to sell but struggling a little to work out what to price it at. I read the rules that say I can't post on the classified forums till my post count is a lot higher, which is fine. But heading down to Ground Zero this weekend and am taking the kit I'm planning to offload on the off chance someone there might want it. Any input on what you might think its worth would be most welcome:

Tokyo Marui AK47 with folding stock with full metal upgraded body and real wood stock/pistolgrip. Upgraded spring (not sure which from memory) and 3 Hi-Cap/1 Lo-Cap Magazines. Has been used but not extensively, some scratches and scuffs but works a treat.

Mac 10 GBB and two magazines, complete with shoulder holster/twin mag pouches and belt. Still works but tends to jam a little...might need a little TLC preferably from someone who enjoys tinkering with these things.

Glock18 tilting retention holster and magazine

Viper M88 helmet and 3 covers

Once the UKARA reg is sorted I would like to buy a new GBB pistol and possibly rifle (M4 Variant or similar), prepared to spend what it takes to get best quality/most realistic but which plays well rather than just looks good. Any advice/suggestions in this regard would also be appreciated....there's a lot of choice out there it seems. Any decent suppliers in the Gloucestershire area or beyond, with a showroom where you can go and play with some stuff before you buy?

Cheers guys.



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There's not much in the way of shops with showrooms in the Gloucestershire area - there was Swindon Airsoft (now Strikeforce I think) but I don't think they have a shop with showroom anymore. 

If you are based in Gloucestershire there is the aforementioned Strikeforce which is an "american style" plywood killhouse. There is also UCAP Vendetta at the former HMP Gloucester. Further afield you have Spartan CQB (former 6th Form College) and F&O's The Base CQC which is a cool back-to-nature former RAF base.

I can't help with appraisals but you can post in the classifieds without needing 100 posts now. 

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I'm not aware of any shops in Gloucestershire - there was Redwolf in Tewkesbury, but I think the closest is now JD Airsoft up Cannock.

In addition to Sharclaw's list I'd like to add Spartan's Woodland site right by Bristol Airport and Cotswold Airsoft out towards Moreton in Marsh (a nice site, but normally a good number of players but not crazy numbers). There is Drakelow Tunnels up in Kidderminster but I haven't been there.

Rift Airsoft also have COM Site 3 up near Banbury and The Bomb Dump at Middle Wallop. Both are closer than GZ 😀


I'm also in the Gloucestershire area, I'm happy to help where I can.


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Thanks for the replies guys...sorry for not replying sooner....I must have notifications turned off or something as I didn't realise anyone had replied! Been to every Ground Zero Sunday session since I posted and loving getting back into it. Got the Girlfriend involved too now, her eldest, my eldest....turning into a proper party. Also shelled out on some new toys. A Umarex CO2 Glock 19X and a TM NexGen Recoil Shock HK416 Delta Tan fully upgraded with a Titan Mosfet, Cobalt Motor, Prometheus internals etc. Boy is it nice.....so different to what I was using before. I will check out some of those sites you've suggested. Thanks, and sorry again

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