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SRC Maverick GBB pistol


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Sandstorm, I could buy that explanation;

or WE (we the people, not WE the metal bodied GBB pistols and rifles maker that places their products fair with the quality they offer) could buy the shares of the evil french company and use it for the good, it a slug nobody cares to stomp since long time ago...

it is less than a cent of an € 



Imagine just buying the 51% and then selling the rights to a decent and more honorable company such as Umbrella...

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It could, but I doubt it'd work that way. Could be the licenses are non-transferable from the licensees, or it might not be that available on the market. For us to buy, someone'd need to sell, and I seriously doubt we'd have enough savvy and clout to outmaneuver the lawyers and business sharks running Cybergun right now...


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