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Trijicon SRO (pistol red dot, "new" RMR) replicas


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Just saw today on Airsoft Globals Facebook feed that they now have Trijicon SRO (Specialized Reflex Optic) replica sights available. Unfortunately as I am composing this post their website is down but here is the link. Not seen them on any other airsoft sites yet.


Think it was around $50-60 USD, black and tan available.

Supposedly this is kind of the "successor" to the Trijicon RMR sight that we all know and love, with the advantage of bigger and more open sight picture and field-of-view etc. And is RMR size/spec/plate compatible.

Trijicon SRO official site: https://www.trijicon.com/products/subcategory/trijicon-sro

It's interesting and cool but I think it looks worse than the RMR, just aesthetically speaking, both as a stand-alone sight and mounted on a pistol.

Oh yeah, reminds me of those old-school IPSC red-dot sights, which I think are fugly, but I can see the resemblance for their design inspiration I guess.



Still want to get one and probably will as soon as Airsoft Global are online again :D

BTW they are advertised as the "brand" AG-K which I think is something like, Airsoft Global "Kustom" (custom with a K, might just be in my brain that makes sense).

Most likely like all other of these replica sights they are just ACM made and rebranded and marked and will pop up under various names.

From the pictures it also looked like these have full markings, which I always appreciate :) 

Facebook post

(OK, not allowed to share/embed, screenshot attached...)



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Link to the sight on AliExpress. I was looking at buying one but having to give out full credit card info and wait a month made me back out. Waiting for Airsoft Global to come back online.

Also the Trijicon SRO marking on the side of the sight that is supposed to be embossed (raised) in rubber like material (?) is just plain white laser engraving from the pics. Bit of a shame but acceptable.


$46 USD on there and 4.6 rating out of 5 from 11 customers. Seems alright.

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I'd have gotten an ACRO if it had a direct mounting option other than that wonky looking riser. 

I got my acro months ago and it’s resting in a box until I get my WE G19 gen 5 MOS. It’s the only option I got with that mounting plate...
My SRO sight has been on its way from China for over 1 month now :(
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I got mine today and just tried mounting it to my Ace 1 Arms SAI RMR Glock 19 build.

Thought it was broken at first because when I lined up the dot in the middle of the glass it got distorted and had zero parallax. Then I realized once I lined up the dot with my suppressor height sights that the dot actually then sits in the lower third of the glass and appears normal as you would expect.

But when bringing the pistol up to aim my instinct is to look for the dot in the center of the glass at not at the bottom where it lines up with the sights. Which felt weird.

I was able to fully co-witness the dot with my sights though which is good. But as you can see below it is way down there in the bottom of the glass.

This picture shows how the sight picture looks when aiming correctly co-witnessed with suppressor height sights.




This is more in line with the sight picture and angle to the glass I would "expect" when aiming it, but as you can tell that is obviously totally wrong 😛 


REF site: https://www.internationalsportsman.com/trijicon-sro/

Overall build and quality is nice. All the markings are nice and crisp. Like I stated from the pictures there is no rubberized layer on the metal housing around the glass which is a bit sad. Also the Trijicon SRO markings in the metal (that are supposed to be in the rubber) are gray-ish and don't really "pop" from the metal background and in some lights it barely looks like it's there.

Battery compartment on top is a good idea and all but you have to use the biggest flat-head screw driver you can find to unscrew it safely and while unscrewing it the shank of the screwdriver, unless really careful, tends to rub against the top rear of the glass metal housing which will surely leave a mark over time once done a couple of times, which then may be distracting to the eye in the sight picture.

EDIT: I guess you can put a piece of electrical tape over that area when doing this to prevent the screw driver from rubbing on the metal.

Please allow me to illustrate with this MS Paint picture. 😛 



So yeah. Fun to have as an option to the RMR but first impressions and 5 minute use I don't think I will prefer it over the RMR any time soon.

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