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WTS: Shoei Gewehr 43 Blowback ZF 4 scope etc

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For sale is an air blowback Shoei Gewehr-43. This is not your every day AR-15. This is one of 300 made G43's. The quality and details are amazing. 

What makes this set even more special is the Shoei ZF-4 scope. Shoei sold only 100 of them.

The G43 comes with 2 extra magazines, magazine pouch, pump, original packaging etc.

It shoots nice but its not like a 500 fps upgraded bolt action sniper rifle. Also handling the gun and filling the mags etc takes some time and isn't super practical like an AR-15. But then I also wont advise to use this piece for skirms... it really is a collectors piece wich is cool to shoot once in a while at a range.

I really hate to sell it but I am saving money for an American muscle and money doesn't grow on threes as we say over here, so I have to make choices. 🤷‍♂️

The rifle is in the Netherlands. Shipping is possible but the costs and risks are for the buyer. (Unless other agreements) but I recommend to pick it up if that would be possible.

Askingprice is £2350,- / €2750,- / $3060,-


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