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Looking for airsoft/MILSIM players to play soldiers in a student film (London, UK)

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Hello everyone,

my name is Leema and I am a Film student at Middlesex University in London. We are adapting a script and the story would be set in a contemporary/near-future WWIII setting and I am looking for airsoft/MILSIM players with own gear willing to act/be extras in our film.

We are planning to shoot on multiple days during March 2020 (mostly 2nd half), hopefully in London.
I'd love to have at least 4 soldiers, wearing identical uniforms (either accurate or similar to the British Army or full black/grey). But the more, the better. (Planning to do more scenes involving soldiers). Preferably 18+, anyone under 18 would have to wear balaclavas to cover their faces as we're trying to make this authentic. No usage of ammo required.

As of payment, I can't promise anything at the moment as we're still planning our crowdfunding campaign. But we would at least cover the travel expenses, food and drinks.

If interested, please reply here or email me at: truongmilan@seznam.cz


Hope this does not violate any forum rules.
Thank you,


Leema (Director of the film)

Additional info about the production:
The film is supposed to be 8-10 minutes long, the war aspect is not the main focus of the film as it focuses more on the civilian characters and on the history repeating itself. But the soldiers would make the film look better and definitely more believable.

It's a story about a Middle Eastern boy who is hiding from the government because they see him as a possible threat and the enemy. The story deals with doing the right thing, redemption, prejudice and the good and the bad in people, especially in times of war.
The original script was about a Jewish boy hiding from the Nazis but we wanted to change the setting.

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Got it!

british soldiers= nazis

middle eastern boy= jewish

I am quite sure you will get your crow funding in minutes and will be able to pay for the actors, unfortunately I haven´t the proper gear.

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