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Getting back into action - My old kit


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Hey guys,

Been a long time, I played back around 2009/2010 but I moved to the highlands in Scotland and could never play, I am back down in Essex and my Son turned 13 so wants to get into Airsofting.

However the AEG's and the pistols have been sitting for years with ZERO servicing or even being touched. 

I have the following

ICS MP5A4 (full metal one)

2x HFC M190's 

Now I understand a lot of servicing will be needed. I enquired about 7 years ago and Kenworth W900 was the guy recommended, Is he still around?

I have a few questions

1, is it worth servicing these weapons if I am to use them? (I wanted to get back into it for ages just never had time and kids get in the way) I figured the CYMA AK would be a perfect cheap beginner for my kiddo, 
2, What sort of parts need replacing/rough cost I'd expect, I know I'll need new batts, new springs on the AEG's, new seals I'd imagine, 
3, if I decided to tackle myself, how hard is servicing?
4, I know not technical, what's site limits these days, still the 328-350fps mark?

I think it'd be a great way to exercise and working in IT it can be difficult.

Anyway, Glad to be back.

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Servicing will be cheaper than buying new!

Replace anything that forms a seal. O rings etc. The gas valves on your mags may be shot because of these, same for an AEG piston head. It may be easier to just replace the whole piston if you can't be bothered stripping it.

Pull the gearboxes and clean them. Regrease and shim as necessary. If you keep track of original shims, you should be ok if they go back in order, assuming the guns ran fine before storage.

You batteries will be shot. It's all about lipo now. Cheap enough, but you'll need a new charger. Not sure on current ones, but I have an IMAX B6 which is ace. Beware of clones of this.


Cheap barrels, and maybe replace hop rubbers. If you fancy, modify for flat hop/r hop/whatever is the latest. 


Also, upgrade your health. Unless you've been keeping fit, 12 years out of gaming will have you blowing out of your *albartroth*!


Just advice from me, may be outdated but I've not skirmished for a few years now either. Well done for getting back in to it!

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Cheers, my health is one of the reasons I want to get back into it. Better and more fun going to the gym. 🙂


pretty much what I thought for servicing, was thinking of getting some power mods since most sites run 350 now from what I can tell and before the sites ran a 328/1j hard rule. (From what I remember)


recon the mag springs will be ok? Not used them and been stored empty on my milsim and mid caps, high caps stored empty too 


i expected my M9 seals and except the hops to need doing so nothing to frantic tbh. 🙂

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