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Hello everyone!

I am in need of some assistance for a future project. I am trying to find out the receiver dimensions for the airsoft version of the AKMS. I believe Marui calls it the "AK-47S":



What I am particularly interested in are these A and B measurements from the rear of the receiver, where the stock attaches:


Width between the receiver walls (A), and the thickness of the receiver walls themselves (B), which I have assumed are the same.


I am also interested in the dimensions of the folding stock attachment holes on both sides of the receiver, if they differ at all:



If somebody could measure their airsoft receiver and contribute any details, that would be greatly appreciated!

Or if somebody could point me in the direction to where I might acquire said receiver, complete with folding stock, that would be awesome! I do not need a functioning airsoft rifle, no mechbox, inner barrel, outer barrel, gas tube, nor gas block... the entire front set plus dust cover is unnecessary really. It just needs to be cheap.

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Marui don't make an AKMS, they do make an AK-47s, you can get a clone metal receiver here https://airsoftpro.cz/en/gun-parts-upgrade/aeg-outer-spare-parts/ak-parts/gun-body-for-ak/kovove-telo-pro-ak-se-sklopnou-pazbou-detail

Something to note is that there are two main AK receiver designs in airsoft AEGs, the Tokyo Marui design, which are less realistic, are made of either plastic or die cast alloy metal, and require a bunch of screws to keep them together; and the VFC/LCT design, which are more realistic in terms of take down and assembly, and are made of stamped steel. The former generally replicate the look of milled receiver AKs, the latter replicate various stamped steel receiver AKs (AKM, AKMS, AK-74, AK-100 series, etc.). I don't know what your project is so I'm not sure what would be more useful to you. 

Anyway, hope that helps, and good luck with your project!

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