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WE P226 E2..Some questions

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While my M17 is awaiting a new outer barrel, I wanted to find a new "a metal" Sig P226 E2 as I prefer the grip to the standard P226 (I've had a TM P226 for many years).

There were just 2 "all metal" options and those were the KJW P226 E2 (although with the wrong trigger profile) and the WE P226 E2 (apparently there is a new version 2..I have no details of the changes or if it officially exists).

The KJW appears to be discontinued and I could not even find a good "used" one available anywhere. So I found a brand new WE at a excellent price. The store did not have spare E2 magazines (and the TM E2 and P226 mags do not fit) but had a large number of the standard WE P226 magazines which they were willing to verify that they would work in the E2. They gassed up the E2 magazine and 2 spare P226 mags to make sure there were no leaks and they functioned fully. They had no problems. Since they were willing to go to the trouble to verify the mags operated, I bought the pistol.

The WE 226 E2 arrived last night and I just put 6 magazines worth the gas and .25 bb's this morning. Everything functioned fine and I was surprised as the temperature here today is 25f. Range and accuracy were adequate (sights were right on), but I want to upgrade the inner barrel and hop-up (I'm thinking the Maple Leaf unit??). The outer barrel is a little "meh" and I want to replace that as well. I'd like to use a Guarder P226 barrel for the TM P226. I know the barrel hood is a little wide where it meets the slide breach face and I am wondering, if I file the width down a bit to make it fit, should it function ok?

Overall, early satisfaction is high. The fit and finish (a sand blasted mat black overall) appears quite good. There were no rattles when the pistol was shaken, with and without the magazine in the pistol. While there are zero trades, I have no problem with the looks. My TLR2 and Inforce lights fit perfectly.

If anyone has any experience with this pistol, I'd like to hear about it..as well as any other suggestions regarding up-grades. Are there CO2 magazines for these pistols?

Thank you


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