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CNC lips for GHK and other airsoft projects


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Hey guys, I've been a while out of the airsoft world, but I've decided to make an intro video of a project I've working on for long time.

They are aluminium CNC lips for the V1 GHK M4 mags, since they have a design problem and now are discontinued. I did the first CNC ones this summer, but my machine was giving me some problems and I decided improve it before making a batch. Today I milled the first one since and it was all flawlessly.


Since I was making the video I introduced other projects I have going on right now too:

-Tanaka M870 repair and buckshot conversión

-Masterkey kit for M870

-Buckshot shells

-3D printed grips and WE Mp5 handguard

-WE M14 trigger group

-WE M14 CO2 magazine

-CO2 valves

-DEVILHUNTER mod for pistols and other GBBRs

-GHK AKM CO2 drum

So that's all, I will keep working and showing the progress on the projects. Any question or idea feel free to coment!

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