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DeadChristmas69's Compendium of Miscellaneous Airsoft Documents and Memorabilia

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Thank you for stopping by~

This thread is dedicated to preserving various information, photographs and scans about anything Airsoft related, but isn't a replica. It contains paperwork, brochures, images and more. The purpose of this thread, is to preserve the legacies of otherwise lost to time, or relatively known information about the aforementioned items. I hope to allow readers to enjoy this information for as long as possible, and will be backing up this information to increase its longevity and possibility to survive the tests of time. Some of the Cybergun Catalogs are already on AirsoftSociety, but will also be posted here, in addition.

I hope you find this thread entertaining, and useful!

,DeadChristmas69/Evan W. Wester.




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An exceptionally awful find from Cybergun, circa 2006. It's the "ALL The SOFT AIR In One CD - THE ULTIMATE IN SOFT AIR"!


Contains horrifically outdated and damaging information, outright lies, and plagiarism. Still makes for a great laugh, and reference for many older replicas. There's images, videos, and web-links inside, it's actually a lot of entertaining content. My favorite is the video where they show you how to get one of their Ultrasonic .12 gram pellets out of a KWC M9's inner barrel with a drinking straw!

You'll love this one!


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This came with a Cybergun/ToyStar M1928. No idea what the printing date is, but it looks ancient. I'm fairly certain that half of the stuff sold in this catalog is probably illegal now, but that just makes me want it even more!



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You can access my entire library on Dropbox. This link contains all the Airsoft scans, photographs, videos, and more. It's all the content I've taken so far. Latest revision dates of each folder will be marked. The link is provided below:
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