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DeadChristmas69's Compendium of And Guide To Spring (Non-Sniper) Rifles

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Thank you for stopping by~

This thread is dedicated to preserving various information about airsoft replica, (non-sniper) rifles. It contains paperwork, brochures, performance statistics, images and more information about the replicas contained here. There is no specific brand that this thread focuses on, but rather mostly on the spring rifles of old. The purpose of this thread, is to preserve the legacies of otherwise lost to time, or relatively known information about the aforementioned items. I hope to allow readers to enjoy this information for as long as possible, and will be backing up this information to increase its longevity and possibility to survive the tests of time.

I hope you find this thread entertaining, and useful!

,DeadChristmas69/Evan W. Wester.

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WELL "M16A4" (874876016140, Black.) Spring operated 6mm, .24 inch caliber rifle. Known finishes are complete black.

Manufactured by: Well, and made in China.

Claimed features: 220 fps, 67 m/s with .20 gram pellets. Magazine Capacity: 200 rounds. High capacity "shake-loading" magazine. Can function as a low-capacity magazine if desired. Hop-up: Adjustable.

Build materials and trademarks: ABS plastic externals, ABS plastic internals, zinc-alloy inner barrel. ABS plastic magazine. May have no trademarks, or "WELL 16-A AIR PISTOL SERIES" and a serial number on the left side. "Made In China" on the right side. Box contents: Operation Manual, warning, WELL M16A4 Spring-cocking Rifle, one magazine, sample package of .12 gram pellets, four AA batteries, imitation KAC vertical grip, phillips head screwdriver, sling, adjustable stock, AN/PAQ-4C flashlight.

Notes/Discrepancies: HOP UP IS FIXED. Clone of a non-Marui system. Possibly HFC, or UHC's NeonFire. Can not use Tokyo Marui, Crosman (especially odd), or Panther Arms/DPMS magazines for spring-cocking AR-15 models. Fixed AR-15 post at the front, and two M16A2 sights at the rear with only one being up at a time. Rear sight is adjustable by moving the two different rear sights up, but only two different elevation levels can be used. That is to say, there are two different apertures, with their own heights (one is taller than the other). Trigger pull is a bit tough, but not too long in distance. Estimated price 30-40$ without, or without shipping costs. Working safety, left side, lever. Humorously, the "semi" and "full" positions are both marked with "fire". Incorrect barrel length, inappropriate M203 cutouts on the barrel. Continued on next paragraph:

Handguards can be changed out for different carbine-length ones from different models. Rails have difficulty fitting other attachments, and may, or may not be compatible. Interchange compatibility applies to the rifle-length models. The stock can be removed, and the slot is compatible with a wide variety of WELL AR-15 models, even of different power plants. (Electric, spring, etc.) Fits a real USGI M9 bayonet with ease, though the barrel on this model is too short to attach the barrel ring. Could be possible to fully install on models with a longer barrel. Appears to fit the quadrant sight for sighting an M203, but cannot confirm due to absence of locking plate. Fits the NT-4 suppressor with only minor filing needed to the rings on the A1 muzzle device.


Photo gallery: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z5sydpfhfkdwjje/AAC96Fdj5oidsZFPaRPiRW5wa?dl=0

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You can access my entire library on Dropbox. This link contains all the Airsoft scans, photographs, videos, and more. It's all the content I've taken so far. Latest revision dates of each folder will be marked. The link is provided below:
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